XENO GC Mod Chip

Install: DIY (PCB Only)
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Xeno GC is a low cost easy solder modchip for the Nintendo GameCube. This chip has a unique hardware design which directly interfaces with the serial debugport on the laser unit.


  • Direct boot of DVD+-RW media
  • Compatible with all regions & all versions
  • Region free loading
  • Multigame disc support
  • PAL/NTSC region force
  • Installation control LEDs
  • Switchable read setting adjustment / error retry
  • Switchable audio fix
  • Selfbooting homebrew linux discs (thanks to Isobel)


Disable audio fix - Press left shoulder button during disc load.

Disable DRE fix - Press right shoulder button during disc load.

Force NTSC display mode - Press X button during disc load.

Force PAL display mode - Press Y button during disc load.

XenoGC Shell (multigame disc loader) - Press START button during disc load


Install Service:

Send in your GC and one of our Professional Console Modders will install the mod chip for you. (PCB included in price.)

Email us @ gamebox.systems@gmail.com after ordering so we can send you the address to ship your Gamecube to for the XENO GC Mod Chip Install Service. *We are not liable if you send a broken console to us and we cannot accomplish the mod.

*Buyer pays return shipping*


Shipped in Anti-static bag.

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