About Us

Meet Your Modders


Nobble  -  (Elliot, Creative Director)

Hey it's Nobble! You may know me from various online communities, project contest winning entries, or from my YouTube/IG accounts. I grew a passion for modding electronics at the age of 14.
Over the years I have designed and built portable video game consoles and other mini electronic handhelds. I am a self-taught 3d designer and know my way around the art of 3D printing.
Creativity for me, is my life/hobbies/meditation.


Postman  -  (Aaron, Engineering Director)

Postman (Aaron) here! Growing up I always had a fascination with video game hardware. This mystery box that created some of my favorite memories... What made it tick?
Around the age of 13 I started attempting to fix and modify consoles and in the process I was continuously blown away at what I would find. It wasn't until I met Nobble that I put my passion into full gear and learned CAD circuit design and beefed up on my knowledge of lower level programming.
Almost all the embedded systems knowledge I have is self taught, driven by my passion and obsession of  computers with proprietary data protocols known as a game system. Slowly but surely I am demystifying the ticking behind the black boxes.



Will  -  (Software Optimizer)


Howdy, my name is Will! I've been working with Raspberry Pi based systems for the past 5 years, completing countless personal and commission builds. Starting with Magic Mirrors integrated with Alexa to 1/6 scale arcades and Mini-PC's to Tiny Handhelds such as MintyPi, TinyPi, and the CircuitGem.
As I grew into my builds I learned that each required specific "tweaks" to the gaming software. Therefore over the past 2 years I started getting more involved with optimizing each build to the fullest potential. This includes one of a kind themes, custom scripts, and a "light weight" resource friendly linux kernel. I believe that quality is not just hardware, but it is software too!
After seeing my software optimizations both Nobble and Postman did not hesitate asking for assistance on the Cartboy Project.
You can find my work on IG: @invader_meh or reach out to me via Discord: @Will.Broke.It :hammer:#3195