Welcoming Will (IG: @invader_meh) to the Gamebox Team!

Hello again everyone, Postman here with an update!

We are now happen to officially announce Will as part of our Cartboy development team

He has and has been working on optimizations for raspberry pi handhelds such as the tiny pi by pi0cket (IG: @pi0cket), the circuit gem by kite (IG: @kiteretro), and the MintyPi OS image by Wermy (IG: sudomod_wermy). Not only has he been working on absolutely stunning tweaks to these handhelds, he is also with The Retro Arena as a software developer. The Retro arena does retro gaming OS images for the ODroid and platforms. More info on The Retro Arena can be found on their website at http://odroidarena.com/ as well as image downloads.

Thanks for joining Will and we are glad to have you on board!

Check out his Instagram @invader_meh for updates on Cart OS and other wonderful projects he is working on! Head over to the "about us" tab to read his full bio.

Until next time everyone, this is Postman signing off.

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